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Water Punch 


Water Punch is a scalp scaling device to clean the scalp with rhythmical automatic water pressure by making water streamsof minute needle types.  

워터펀치는 미세한 바늘형태의 맥동제트수류를 두피에 분사시켜 노폐물을 제거하는 두피스케일링기 입니다. 

Water Punch / Scalp cleansing water system  


Water Punch is a scalp cleaning device that cleans scalp through rhythmical automatic pulsation of water pressure made by needlelike water streams.

This powerful water jet's automatic pulsatory water pressure injects 1000-2100 times per minute.

워터펀치는 맥동수류를 이용한 스케일링기기로 두피에 각질이나 비듬, 염색 후 잔여물, 그리고 모공을 막고 있는 피지와 잘 안 떨어지는

각종 오염원을 깨끗하게 제거합니다.

워터펀치는 선택적으로 1분간 1200번~2400번 이상의 맥동수류를 분사합니다.











Water Punch removes dead skin cells, sebum, or other various pollutants from the scalp.


- By utilizing the pulsed water jet injection (water streams as if they are alive and moving), not only is the pollutant

  deposited in the pores completely removed, but a scalp massage is provided creating a synergy effect.

- The pulsate water jet produces strong hair roots by washing off all of the dead cells from scalps and hair

  (efficiently restoring damaged hair caused by hair dyes, perms, and chemicals)

- It changes the blood circulation of the scalp into an optimal state by rhythmical pulsating water.

- When you cleanse your pores with the Water Punch, your hair will thicken in order to fill the pores.

- It removes dirt and chemical residues between the keratinized cuticle on the scalp.

• 워터펀치의 효과

두피에 쌓인 각질과 비듬, 그리고 모낭 충 제거 (두피를 청결하게 합니다.)

- 탈모가 진행중인 굵기가 가는 머리카락의 모공의 피지를 제거 (피지가 제거된 모공을 채우기 위해 머리카락이 굵어져 탈모를 예방합니다.)

- 워터 맥동제트를 이용한 두피마사지 (물을 이용한 두피마사지로 두피의 혈 행을 개선하며 스트레스를 풀어줍니다.)

- 염색 후 화학적인 잔유물 제거  (염색 후에 두피에 남아있는 화학성분을 깨끗이 제거해 두피 트러블을 막아줍니다)

Water Punch is a scalp clinic device which has been researched and developed for many years to improve damaged scalp and for hair salons of scalp and hair loss.

Water Punch is a product that can be directly attached to the shampoo chairs.

Water Punch was first developed in South Korea. By adding the services of deep scalp cleansing, clinics are able to attract more customers by generating added value to their business.

• Benefits of “Water Punch” to Clinics  

- Clinics can differentiate themselves from others by adding the new line of scalp care services. 

- Water Punch gains trust and good impression from the customers through maximizing the effectiveness of clinics.

- By substituting manual shampooing with "Water Punch", staff's physical fatigue and hand damages from frequent 

  chemical contact can be reduced, therefore increasing work efficiency.

- By adding various manuals to scalp care courses in clinics, they can attract new customers and expect valuable

  outcomes on services.

- Its easy operation system ensures instant usage after installation without any training.

• 워터펀치를 사용하는 이점

- 새로운 두피 케어 서비스 라인을 추가함으로써 다른 사람들과 차별화 될 수 있습니다.
- 워터 펀치 (Water Punch)의 효과를 극대화하여 고객으로부터 신뢰와 좋은 인상을 얻습니다.
- 손으로하는 샴푸를 "워터 펀치 (Water Punch)"로 대체하여 직원의 신체적 피로와 두피에 화학성분의 접촉을 최소화하여

  두피 트러블 없애주며  두피크린징 작업의 효율이 향상됩니다.
- 클리닉의 두피 케어 과정에 다양한 매뉴얼을 추가함으로써 새로운 고객을 유치하고 서비스에 대한 귀중한 결과를 기대할 수 있습니다.
- 쉬운 조작 시스템으로 어떠한 교육없이 설치 후 즉시 사용 가능합니다.

So far, devices for hair restoration has been mainly focusing on "professional hair care" only.

Upgrade your service with Water Punch. It not only removes contaminants from the pores of the scalp,

but also relieves stress and provides emotional benefits.

Water Punch removes the following various contaminants from the scalp:

Water Punch Management Order

The kind of Water Punch

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